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Friday, August 18, 2017

Thaniya maram tho'op-a akhaathu - Hindraf's Waythamoorthy Meets Tun Dr Mahathir






The Hindraf's P Waythamoorthy was attacked by two assailants in his office on Wednesday. The two attackers who spoke Malay showed a knife in Waythamoorthy's face and warned him  'Jangan cabar kerajaan'.  They also punched him a few times and then quickly left his premises.  

Obviously the attack was designed to threaten and frighten Waythamoorthy. The question is 'Why are some people so afraid of the Hindraf and P Waythamoorthy?'  Do read on.

Then just a day after being attacked,  Waythamoorthy met Pakatan Harapan architect and leader Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed yesterday (Thursday)  at his office in Putrajaya. Also present at this quite momentous meeting were Tan Sri Sanusi Junid, Dato Zaid Ibrahim and others.

(If you can use a microscope and look into that picture frame hanging on the wall behind Waythamoorthy, you may be able to see a reflection of Mrs Bates of the Bates Motel. Norman Bates 'mom' in "The Psycho".  Just kidding ok. But this picture will come to haunt some bad guys in this country. )

For those of you who have never seen or heard P Waythamoorthy's voice, you may wish to listen to Waythamoorthy speaking here (from FMT's video).  

Waythamoorthy  is certainly no Samy Vellu. 
He is a lawyer who was educated in England.  
He was born and raised in Kelantan and can 'kecek Kelate' very fluently. 

Here is yesterday's news from Free Malaysia Today:

We can deliver Indian votes, says Waytha after meeting Mahathir
Nawar Firdaws
August 17, 2017

Hindraf chief Waythamoorthy says after his experience with BN, he is willing to try the opposition to bring changes to the Indian community's plight.

Hindraf chairman P. Waythamoorthy today expressed confidence that the movement could mobilise Malaysian Indians to back Pakatan Harapan (PH) at the next polls, following a discussion today with the coalition’s chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Speaking to FMT, Waytha said Hindraf’s role was critical in delivering the Indian votes to PH, adding that they would be the kingmakers to sway the outcome against Barisan Nasional (BN) in marginal seats.

“And we are offering to help PH in these rural seats, where the Indian community can make a significant difference,” he said.

Waytha said Hindraf’s immense support among ordinary Indians would also work in PH’s favour should the coalition accept the group as its fifth partner.

He said this was among the contents of his discussion with Mahathir in a meeting which was also attended by two former ministers, Zaid Ibrahim and Sanusi Junid.

The hour-long meeting took place in the former prime minister’s office at the Perdana Leadership Foundation here.

“I’m here to speak to Tun (Mahathir) and convince him of how we can help bring about change in the next election,” Waytha told FMT.

He said in remote Malay parliamentary constituencies where Umno candidates had won marginally in the last polls, the number of Indian voters “are probably about five to six times more than the majority”.

“We are talking about Kedah, Johor, Perak and Selangor,” said Waytha, who quit the Cabinet in 2014, less than a year after he was appointed a deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Department as part of an electoral understanding between Hindraf and BN.

Waytha cited the Merbok parliament seat in Kedah, where BN defeated PKR by 4,122 votes in the 2013 general election.

“But there are about 15,000 Indian voters there,” he said. “So I believe we can go to these areas and convince the Indian voters to support PH.”

The group was widely credited for opposition gains in the general election when BN candidates were defeated in constituencies with a large concentration of Indian voters.

written commitment by Najib

“Obviously he did not fulfil the promises and as a matter of principle, I left,” he said.

He said after leaving the Cabinet, he frequently visited Indian communities in rural areas, adding that they were often left out of the country’s “mainstream economy”.

Earlier, Mahathir admitted that the Indian community was not adequately represented in PH, adding that the group’s support was vital for the coalition’s machinery.

“So we are working to get Hindraf, if not as a member of PH, at least as part of the opposition,” he said.

My comments : Hindraf has studied 31 mostly UMNO  held parliamentary seats where UMNO (and some BN) have won by very slim margins.  

And in these slim margin seats, the number of Indian voters is many times more than the winning margins.

The article above says that UMNO won in Merbok, Kedah with just 4000+ votes. 
But there are 15,000 "estate" Indians in Merbok. 
If only about 2000+  Indians switch their votes, UMNO will lose Merbok.

The other example is the pendatang haram Jawa in Bagan Datoh. 
He won by about 2000+ votes - a very slim margin. 
Yet in Bagan Datoh there are over 9000+ Indian "estate" voters.  
If only about 1000+ Indian voters switch sides, the pendatang haram Jawa may have to balik negeri.

In like manner, there are 31 mostly rural UMNO seats in Kedah, Johor, Perak and Selangor  where the numbers of Indian voters far exceeds the slim winning majorities in these places.  

With Hindraf's strong grassroots campaigning, the Indian voters can really knock out the UMNO candidates in these 31 Parliamentary constituencies.

Hindraf has already launched a very effective campaign among the Indians which I think must be expanded to all Malaysian voters. 

The campaign is "NOT A SINGLE VOTE FOR THE BN".  

Do spread the word around folks  -   NOT A SINGLE VOTE FOR THE BN"

The message is brief and catchy and more importantly it is achievable.  

For example,  talk is Melaka UMNO is now crippled and in the ICU. Some UMNO bahagian in Melaka may almost completely stop functioning.  UMNO members are just abandoning the party in Melaka.  

Since Hindraf has met Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed, Dato Zaid Ibrahim and Tan Sri Sanusi Junid,  Hindraf will become more acceptable among the rural Malay voters.

a. PKR to work with PAS
Ok, a few days ago Wan Azizah said that PKR will work with PAS / UMNO in Kelantan.  
This means that in Kelantan, PKR will be fighting against Parti Amanah which is a component (along with the PKR) in Pakatan Harapan.  So in Kelantan PKR will be helping to sabotage the Pakatan Harapan.

Then one PAS fellow has given Wan Azizah a real slap in the face by replying that PAS considers PKR traitors and unreliable. PAS will not  work with PKR he said.

b. DAP / Amanah will certainly work against PAS (and PKR?) in Selangor

Then over in Selangor, the PKR will still be working with PAS again.  Indirectly they will also work with UMNO.  

So   in Selangor both Parti Amanah and the DAP will be actively campaigning and trying to sabotage as much of PAS as they can.  In Selangor, Amanah and DAP will be working against any PKR-PAS-UMNO  alliance.  But  Amanah, DAP and PKR are part of Pakatan Harapan.

So PKR cooperating with PAS creates serious faults and cracks. Indirectly PKR will also be cooperating with UMNO.

it is not impossible that in the next General Elections (which will likely be held next year - since Moron wants  so much to commit suicide)  the line-up will be like this:

1. Bersatu - DAP - Hindraf - Amanah - Warisan


2. UMNO - PAS -  PKR - MCA - MIC etc.

In either scenario,  the presence of Hindraf will be of great benefit to the Pakatan Harapan.

My advise to P Waythamoorthy is to strengthen your doors. 
Get some Hindraf bodyguards.
Take precautions.

A mad dog that is caught in a corner is a dangerous animal.
Especially a stupid and corrupted dog. It will snap at anything. 

Finally what is the meaning of  "Thaniya maram tho'op-a akhaathu".

This is an original Tamil saying by Tan Sri Sanusi Junid, who speaks fluent Tamil, German and possibly other languages.

Months ago, Tan Sri Sanusi set up his own 'Hindraf WhatsApp' group including Hindraf members and other Indians. 

In one of his postings he advised Hindraf members :

Thaniya - alone by itself

maram - a tree

tho'op-a - plantation

akhaathu - cannot become

Alone by itself, a single tree cannot become a plantation.

Sebatang pokok, dengan sendirinya tidak boleh menjadi ladang (atau kebun).

Meaning, you need friends to get things done.   
You must have allies.  
It is difficult to act alone.

So welcome Hindraf to the Pakatan Rakyat. 
Its about time.

MAULANA SYAITAN - Exclusive: Islamic scholars offer themselves on sale for one-night stands with divorced Muslim women

There is a video at this site. Please do visit and watch the video at India Today. Watch how one of the "religious scholars" is lying through his teeth

India Today

As awful as that may sound, a number of religious scholars are offering themselves up for one-night stands with divorced Muslim women trying to save their marriages under a disputable Islamic law, an India Today investigation has found.

They charge anywhere between Rs 20,000 and Rs 1.5 lakh to participate in nikah halala, a controversial practice that requires a woman to marry someone else, sleep with him and get a divorce again in order to be able to remarry her first husband under personal laws, the probe discovered.

India Today's investigative team has blown the lid off the taboo tradition that has remained largely unnoticed amid intense debates over triple talaq on the media and in the country's top court.

The probe found many Islamic scholars putting themselves up on sale for women desperate to restore their broken marriages.

At a restaurant in Ghaziabad, the undercover team first met Mohammed Nadeem, an imam at Madina Masjid in Moradabad's Lal Bagh neighbourhood.
© AP Images


The cleric, the investigation found, was already married. Still, he negotiated his role-play as a husband for a night with India Today's reporters posing as relatives of a divorced Muslim woman.

Will your wife object to it?" asked India Today's reporter.

"No, no. She won't have any objection," imam Nadeem replied.

"Have you spoken with her?" prodded the reporter. "No, I haven't spoken with her. I haven't told her. What's the need to tell her?" Nadeem shot back.

The Moradabad imam admitted he had officiated several nikah halala marriages before. This time, he proposed a package deal for the entire service, including sex. "It's Rs 1 lakh," he demanded.

Imam Nadeem guaranteed issuing divorce after spending a night with the bride for her to become eligible to go back to her first husband in accordance with the personal law. The business of one-night grooms is widespread, the India Today investigation observed.


At Delhi's Jamia Nagar, the team met Zubair Qasmi, a qualified maulana married with two wives. He nominated himself up for a third at the prospect of nikah halala, in exchange for money.

"I spend many nights out. It's much easier to manage this with two (wives). One would think I am with the second. And the second would think I am with the other. It's not at all difficult with two (wives)," he bragged.

Zubair Qasim based his fee on mehr - money or gift the groom pledges to his bride during Islamic marriages.

"Don't worry about anything. I'll make every arrangement. If Rs 30,000 is set as mehr, it will be either 40,000 or 50,000 (in return for participation in nikah halala). No problem in it," Qasim said.

The rot runs deep.

Next, India Today's investigative journalists visited Mohammad Mustaquim of Delhi's Darul Uloom Mahmoodia Madrasa.

Educated in Islamic studies, he was keen to do what he had done several times before -- sleeping with divorced women to consummate nikah halala.

"There was a woman in the room. I went there and had sex. Before leaving at 2-3 am, I divorced her," he confessed.


Mohammad Mustaquim performed nikah halala even without formal marriage.

"So you have taken part in three nikah halala. You actually married on one occasion, right? The other two nikha halala were without marriage," the reporter asked.

"Without marriage," he admitted. "After sleeping with her, I left at 1 am."

Mustaquim's fee for this service included donation for his madrasa. "You'll have to pay Rs 20,000 for the madrasa. I am ready to do it for whatever amount. I have done it several times before," he said.

As India awaits the Supreme Court's judgement over triple talaq, the dangerous trapdoor of nikah halala remains wide open for divorced Muslim women, the probe noted.


In some cases, potential deals were found to be brokered by clerics themselves.

At Bulandshahr's Til Gaon, imam Zahir-ul-lah of Mewatian Masjid introduced India Today's undercover reporters with a prospective groom for nikah halala.

Arif, the groom-to-be, was quick to boast about his masculinity despite his old age.

"My programme is all set, today, tomorrow or the day after. I am always fit 24x7, mashallah!" he remarked. His price: Rs 25,000 for a night.

In western UP's Hapur district, the team next met Mohammed Zahid, who runs a madrasa at Sikheda village.

He marketed his services for nikah halala as a professional.

"We'll see to it. We have the men. It will be done through them. If you don't trust them, I am always available for it," he said.

"How much money in total would you like us to organise for you?" asked the reporter.

"Between 1 lakh and 1.5 lakh," he answered. "Not above Rs 1.5 lakh and not less than Rs 1 lakh."


Rising above their political differences, Hindu and Muslim leaders called nikah halala a criminal act after India Today broadcast its investigation.

They demanded that the perpetrators should be prosecuted for rape.

"This is lust. It's not permissible in Islam. This is a criminal offence committed in the name of religion," said Maulana Maqsood-ul-Hasan Qasmi, the head of the Imam Council of India. "These people should be thrown out of the mosques. They should be booked."

Zafar Sareshwala, chancellor of the Maulana Azad National Urdu university, blamed personal laws for certain regressive practices in Islam.

"These people should be put in jail and charged with rape," he said, demanding strong action against men participating in nikah halala for one-night stands. "I think the genesis of the problem lies in the Shariat Act of 1937," he insisted. Authors of the personal laws, he added, had been "millions of miles away" from the teachings of Islam.

Maulana Ansar Raza of the Gharib Nawaz Foundation called for immediate ex-communication of religious scholars offering themselves for nikah halala. "They should be beaten with shoes and thrown out of mosques. They should be charged with rape. Nikah halala is a regressive un-Islamic practice," he said. "I salute India Today for this story."

In his comments, BJP spokesman Gaurav Bhatia, himself a lawyer, underscored the need for abolishing nikah halala like the sati practice in Hinduism. "Nikah halala and polygamy, as triple talaq are regressive. Sati is abolished. So should be these practices," he said. "India Today's expose will help the civilised society to come forward for human rights and dignity."\

My comments :   This is the religion of satan. Kafir jahil.

The Real Islam Versus Kafir Jahil

Kata2 indah dari Bapak Jokowi, Presiden Republik Indonesia.

Semua orang boleh ragu dengan agamaku 
tapi saya tidak ragu dengan iman dan imamku 
dan saya tidak pernah ragu dengan Islam agamaku.

Saya bukan bagian dari kelompok yang mengaku Islam 
yang punya tujuan mewujudkan negara Islam.

Saya bukan bagian dari yang mengaku Islam 
tapi suka menebar teror dan kebencian.

Saya bukan bagian dari kelompok Islam 
yang sesuka hatinya mengkafirkan saudaranya sendiri.

Saya bukan bagian dari segelintir Islam 
yang menutupi perampokan hartanya, 
menutupi pedang berlumuran darah dengan gamis dan sorban.

Saya bukan bagian dari Islam yang 
membawa ayat-ayat Tuhan untuk menipu rakyat.

Saya bukan bagian dari Islam yang 
membawa  azas partainya untuk korupsi dan hidup bermewah-mewah.

Saya bukan bagian dari Islam yang 
menciptakan perang bagi sesama Islam.

Saya bukan bagian dari Islam yang menindas agama lain.

Saya bukan bagian dari Islam yang arogan 
dan menghunus pedang ditangan dan dimulut.

Saya bukan bagian dari Islam yang suka menjejerkan fustun-fustunnya.

Saya Jokowi bagian dari Islam yang Rahmatan Lil Alamin.
Islam yang hidup berketurunan dan berkarya di Negara Republik Indonesia
yang memegang teguh UUD 45. 

Bhinneka Tunggal Ika adalah rahmat dari Tuhan.

oko Widodo
24 Mei 2014


Here is a comment by the writer Opa Jappy:

Tiga tahun lalu, ketika masih sebagai Kandidat Presiden, Presiden Jokowi mengeluarkan pernyataan (di atas) yang cukup keras ke para penfitnah dan lawan politiknya.

Itu kisah tiga tahun lalu, namun, menurut saya, masih kena-mengena dengan sikon kekinian.

Di tahun 2017 ini, gerakan dan aksi berlandaskan sentimen SARA menaik sekian ratus persen; terutama sekitar Pilkada DKI Jakarta, dan belum merangkak turun. Ujar dan hasutan kebencian terhadap mereka yang beda etnis dan agama juga semakin menjadi-jadi. Bahkan, anak-anak usia SD pun sudah mampu menyanyikan nyanyian benci dan kebencian.

Agaknya, semakin maju dan modern bangsa ini, namun pada interaksi sosial malah kembali ke era primitif; dan ke-primitif-an itu, akibat dari dendam politik serta ditambah pemahaman keagamaan yang sempit.

Pada sikon seperti itu, sangat saya sayangkan, ada  sejumlah tokoh ternama, bukannya mengedukasi umat agar mempersempit perbedaan, tapi justru memperlebar jurang pemisah. Mereka "mendorong" publik agar membangun tembok pemisah abstrak dan konkrit berdasar sentimen SARA pada hidup dan kehidupan sehari-hari.

Maaf, kalau saya katakan bahwa mayoritas mereka adalah tokoh-tokoh agama yang intoleran dan radikal. Dan, tak sedikiti umat yang "membeo" pada tokoh-tokoh seperti itu. Akibatnya, terjadi "chaos pemahaman" keagamaan, dan berlanjut pada rusaknya hubungan antar orang perorang di area publik. Wajah-wajah dan damai cepat berubah menjadi amarah serta garang.

Lalu, siapa lagi yang rakyat harapkan untuk perbaiki keadaan?

Kita tak punya pilihan lain, selain Presiden RI Joko Widodo. Oleh sebab itu, semuanya saya ajak untuk merenungkan ulang "Islam ala Joko Widodo, [kutipan di atas]."

Jadi, bukan saja Jokowi namun mayoritas anak bangsa ini adalah  bagian dari Islam yang Rahmatan Lil Alamin.  
Islam yang hidup berketurunan dan berkarya di Negara RI yang memegang teguh UUD 45. 

Bhinneka Tunggal Ika adalah rahmat dari Tuhan.

Opa Jappy
Gerakan Damai Nusantara