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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Why Donald Trump Is Firing So Many People - The Deep State's War Against Trump.

This is taken from the American online paper The National Interest. The original article is titled Trump's War Against The Deep State, published by the National Interest and written by Conrad Black.

Conrad Black is a writer and former newspaper publisher whose most recent book is Richard M. Nixon: A Life in Full (PublicAffairs, 2007).

IN WASHINGTON now, the “deep state” generally means officially nonpartisan and politically inactive people who are in and near government, and are in practice partisan and often hyperactive in their opposition to the administration. 

This sort of thing occurs to some degree in almost every administration, but is rare once new administrations have settled in and installed loyalists in all key positions. In contentious times, during rending national controversies and after a radical change of administration, and especially when there is widespread media hostility to an administration, the phenomenon is more noticeable. 

In living memory, the most egregious antics of the deep state—widespread efforts to disrupt and discredit the administration—have been in the presidencies of Richard Nixon and Donald Trump.

The two sets of circumstances are easily distinguishable. Nixon came to office in 1969 and was the first president since Zachary Taylor in 1848 not to have his party in control of either house of Congress when he was inaugurated. 

North Vietnam had made it clear in its rejection of President Johnson’s 1966 Manila offer of joint withdrawal that Hanoi sought the complete humiliation of the United States. If Ho Chi Minh’s ambition was simply to unite North and South Vietnam, he would have accepted Johnson’s offer, waited the decent interval and reinvaded with no danger that the United States would plunge once more into that quagmire. 

Nixon inherited the Democrats’ war in Vietnam and preferred to extract the United States while trying to preserve a possibility for the survival of a non-communist regime in Saigon. For declining simply to surrender all Indochina to the tender mercies of the North Vietnamese, the Vietcong, and the Khmer Rouge and Pathet Lao, Nixon was undercut and harassed by advocates of defeat and shame in Vietnam, many of whom, like Daniel Ellsberg, had been happy enough to escalate the war before becoming activist advocates of the virtues and moral necessity of American defeat.

Nixon’s legal problems ramped up over his mishandling of Watergate. It was essentially caused by hawkish zealots in the administration and the Republican National Committee engaging in amateurish and ill-considered counter-harassment of antiwar activist members of a Democratic Party that simply wanted to leave Vietnam at once “by plane and by boat.” 

As the president became vulnerable, the whole administration became a seething hotbed of enemies of Nixon, leaking his tax returns and reams of secret documents and intelligence about Vietnam and other matters. There has never been any conclusive evidence that Nixon himself committed illegalities, but members of his entourage did, and executive authority evaporated by the week. 

Nixon, patriot as he was, resigned rather than subject the country to an impeachment trial. 

The deep state won; Congress cut off all aid to South Vietnam; it fell to the communists and millions died. 

The disaster was complete, and part of the legacy has surely been a relative inferiority in the quality of candidates for high public office since then, the coarsening of political discourse and increased cynicism of the political press, and the intoxication of federal politicians with the high-stakes game of criminalizing policy differences. None of it shows any signs of ending. Quite the contrary.

This is why Donald Trump went to war against the entire political class: all factions of both parties, the bureaucracy, the national media, the lobbyists, Hollywood and Wall Street. 

  • He said the whole system was rotten and had failed the nation: 
  • hopeless wars that accomplished nothing except the wastage of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars, 
  • the extension of Iranian influence and an immense humanitarian crisis, 
  • a flatlined economy, 
  • a shrinking workforce, 
  • increasing poverty and crime, 
  • oceans of debt, 
  • large trade deficits from trade agreements that exported unemployment to the United States 
  • and the unmonitored influx of millions of illiterate peasants from Latin America. 

He ran nearly three million votes behind his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, though he won the Electoral College clearly enough, and 96 percent of the 312,000 votes cast in the District of Columbia were against him. 

Almost everyone of influence in the country, including virtually all the Congress of both parties, was opposed to him. 

For the first nine months of the new administration, there was the constant confected threat of impeachment. 

The phantasmagorical imbecility that Trump had somehow colluded and connived with the Russian government to rig the election was the excuse of the hapless Clinton and her Trump-hating echo chamber in the national media for the election result.

The deep state was almost the whole state, and it pitched in to sabotage the administration. 

For nearly that long, the Republican leaders sat on their hands waiting to see if he would be impeached or not. 

  • His nominees were a long time in being confirmed. 
  • There were leaks of White House conversations, including with foreign leaders
  • outright acts of insubordination causing Trump, a decisive executive, to fire some fairly high officials, 
  • including the malign director of the FBI, 
  • who then informed Congress that he had leaked a self-addressed memo (probably illegally, as it was technically government property), 
  • in order to have a special prosecutor named to torment the president over the fatuous Russian allegations, 
  • although Comey testified that Trump himself was not a target or suspect 
  • and the Russians had not influenced the outcome of the election. 

(This was a sober position compared to the wholesale fabrications of the Democratic vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mark Warner, that a thousand Russian agents had swarmed the key battleground states and had delivered Wisconsin to Trump.)

  • The president has strengthened the White House staff. 
  • The FBI and Justice Department have been ripped apart in their partisanship and misuse of the dossier on which the collusion argument and the surveillance of the Trump campaign were based. 
  • And the dossier, a pastiche of falsehoods from gossips in the Kremlin, has been exposed as a smear job paid for by the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee, 
  • and the whole impeachment movement has collapsed. 
  • The hunters are the prey and Trump will prosecute, sack, or intimidate the deep state. 
  • But it is there, can arise quickly and can be very dangerous. 
  • Forewarned is forearmed.

Belgium Rampas Masjid Salafi, German Halau Ekstremis Salafi, M'sia Pula Cium Bont_t Saudi Wahabi

1.  Al Kisah Pertama - Mat Salleh Belgium Tendang Keluar Salafi Wahabi Arab Saudi dari Masjid Salafi yang terbesar di Brussels.

Belgium ambil semula kawalan Masjid Besar Brussels 
serta merta batal pajakan Saudi ke atas bangunan  
ia promosikan radikalisme, kata kerajaan Belgium semalam 
dikendalikan oleh Muslim World League (MWL) berpangkalan di Mekah
satu pertubuhan dakwah ditaja Arab Saudi

Pengumuman itu menyusuli rundingan belakang tabir dengan Saudi

Kebimbangan terhadap masjid terbesar di Brussels 
selepas militan Islam membunuh 130 di Paris (2015), 32 di Brussels (2016)

menamatkan pajakan 99 tahun tanpa sewa oleh Saudi atas bangunan 
bagi hentikan campur tangan asing ke atas cara Islam diajar di Belgium

cara ini menghalang pengaruh Salafi

  • Persetujuan pantas Riyadh menerima permintaan Brussels  
  • menampakkan kesediaan baru kerajaan Arab Saudi 
  • Penyerahan masjid inisiatif baru Saudi hentikan sokong radikal 

Inisiatif sulit yang tidak dimaklumkan kepada umum ini didedahkan diplomat Barat

masjid tersebut perlu hormati undang-undang Belgium, bawa Islam sederhana 

kerajaan Maghribi mempunyai hubungan risikan kuat dengan kerajaan Belgium

My comments :  Ini semua Donald Trump punya pasai. Trump telah mencerahkan kepada Raja Salman dari Arab Saudi bahawa mereka sebenarnya adalah kabilah Pak Arab padang pasir  yang tidak cukup air untuk mencebuk pun. 

Mereka boleh survive selama ini  atas perlindungan, bimbingan, kawalan dan suka hati Amerika Syarikat. Itu saja.

Arab Saudi tidak mempunyai apa pun melainkan minyak dan gas yang sehingga hari ini dihasilkan dengan bantuan berjuta jurutera, technician dan pekerja asing dari Amerika, Eropah, India, Pakistan dan Korea.  Arab Saudi tidak mampu mengeluarkan dan memasarkan sumber minyak mereka sendiri. Semuanya perlu kepada Amerika Syarikat.

Pertahanan negara Arab Saudi terutama sekali pergerakan tentera udara dan tentera daratnya adalah bergantung 100% kepada senjata Barat, terutama sekali Amerika dan bantuan militar Amerika Syarikat.  Tanpa payung perlindungan Amerika Syarikat, nama "Saudi" sudah lama bercerai dari  "Arab".  

Inilah hakikat keadaan Arab Saudi dalam dunia sekarang ini.  Sila baca ayat ini dengan teliti :

  • Persetujuan pantas Riyadh menerima permintaan Brussels  
  • menampakkan kesediaan baru kerajaan Arab Saudi 
  • Penyerahan masjid inisiatif baru Saudi hentikan sokong radikal 

Arab Saudi tidak mempunyai pilihan. Mereka terpaksa bersetuju dengan pantas. Mereka sekarang sedang diburu oleh kuasa Barat sebagai penaja keganasan  yang telah memberi sumbangan kewangan secara rahsia kepada berbagai jenis kumpulan syaitan seperti Al Qaeda, ISIS, Taliban gila, puak ganas Salafi dan ramai lagi kumpulan ekstremis di seluruh dunia.  

Kita sedang menyaksikan zaman kegilaan Arab Saudi sampai ke penghujungnya. Dunia kita akan selamat. Berysukurlah kita Alhamdulillah.

2.  Al Kisah Kedua - German Pula Takut Kepada Kaum Ganas

New Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said Islam does not belong to Germany 

set out hardline immigration policies 

a “master plan for quicker deportations”

minister a member of CSU Bavaria, further to the right than Merkel's CDU 

Merkel lost to anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party in elections 

Seehofer keen to tackle immigration ahead of Bavaria’s October election 
AfD expected to enter state assembly

“Islam does not belong to Germany,” Seehofer said

anti-immigration PEGIDA - Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West 

Germany should not give up own traditions, Christianity at their heart

“Muslims need to live with us, not next to us or against us,” he said.

> 1 million arrived from Middle East after Merkel adopted open-door in 2015 

AfD said Seehofer taken this message from AfD manifesto word for word

coalition agreement, Merkel agreed to limit migration to Germany and Europe 

did not expect migration to rise above 180,000 to 220,000 per year. - Reuters

My comments :  Bila orang Islam berperang dan berbunuh di Syria, Libya, Iraq, Somalia dan tempat lain,  negara kafir German pula telah membuka pintu dan sediakan red carpet bagi lebih satu juta pelarian Islam itu datang hidup di negara German.  Siap dengan tempat tinggal, peluang persekolahan bagi anak-anak pelarian, hospital untuk merawat orang sakit dan juga peluang pekerjaan. 

Tetapi apa yang berlaku ialah ramai juga daripada pelarian itu telah menimbulkan berbagai masalah sosial dan jenayah di German. Antaranya ialah acara merogol wanita secara beramai (dalam bahasa arabnya ialah taharrush jama'a) .

Selain itu, ramai juga terlibat fahaman ekstremis agama terutama sekali fahaman ganas Salafi / Wahabi dan rela menyertai madrasah, masjid dan kelompok khusus yang membuang masa menyebarkan fitnah dan kebencian terhadap orang German.

Simpati dan belas kasihan terhadap pelarian islam yang ditunjuk oleh Angela Merkel dan rakyat German telah menukar menjadi masalah besar dalam negara German sehingga menjejaskan prestasi parti politik Merkel ia itu Christian Democratic Union pada pilihanraya tahun sudah. Merkel telah kehilangan banyak undi dan kerusi dan terpaksa bergantung kepada kerajaan  gabungan dengan parti lain untuk survivalnya. Parti lain yang tidak setuju dasar pro-pelarian islam oleh Merkel.

Akibatnya adalah kerajaan gabungan Merkel terpaksa melantik Menteri Dalam Negeri yang baru yang mengawal ketat  dasar bagi menangani masalah pendatang asing.  

Antara lainnya Menteri Horst Seehofer telah membuat kenyataan bahawa Islam adalah tidak sesuai dengan budaya dan sosial negara German. 

Soalan yang penting ialah kenapa pula begitu ramai pelarian Islam suka melarikan diri ke negara-negara kafir seperti German, di mana sudah tentu budaya, sosial dan cara hidup mereka adalah kafir dan jahiliah. 

Kenapa pula pelarian Islam itu tidak mahu berhijrah menyelamatkan diri ke Tanah Tanah Islam seperti Arab Saudi, Pakistan, Iraq, Brunei, Bangladesh dan sedemikiannya?

Balik-balik depa nak lari pi ke negara kafir jahiliah, di mana ada juga wanita yang suka berjalan separuh bogel, menayangkan peha dan buah dada dan di mana segala perkara yang dibenci oleh pelarian Islam itu (seperti arak, judi, seks liar, filem lucah) terdapat dengan begitu mudah dan banyak sekali di semua tempat.  

Ataupun apakah  mereka merasa terdorong juga untuk menikmati cara hidup dan gaya hidup di negara kafir jahiliyah? 

Ruthless Saudis : Crown Prince MBS Locked Up Own Mother

MBS visit U.S. next week.
MBS welcomed as  reformer who improve women’s rights 

one very important woman still suffers in silence
locked up his own mother
MBS placed mother under “house arrest” 

14 U.S. officials unveiled MBS prevented mom  from seeing father for > 2 yrs 
so that his plan to empower himself not jeopardised
MBS concerned mom opposed his power grab, divide royal family 
might use her influence with king to prevent itU.S. officials spilled beans based on several years intelligence

crown prince’s ruthlessness 

fake corruption crackdown
crown prince willing to do anything for power

King Salman told she’s out of country for treatment
king not know his son behind her absence

king told people he misses his wife 
does not know her true location or status

in 2015, King told Obama wife in NY for treatment
he hoped to visit her 
Obama did not inform king wife not in NY at all

2016 U.S. intel heard MBS talk about efforts to keep his mum from father 
brutality of crown prince towards his own mother made known to Obama

Trump also briefed by U.S. intelligence
Trump will meet crown prince on March 20

after Trump visit Saudi in 2017, MBS imprisoned cousin, Prince Mohd bin Nayef
jailed several cousins in Ritz-Carlton hotel 
those arrested presented with cash-for-freedom offer

MBS isn’t shy about acquiring nuclear weapons 
If Iran gets nuclear weapons, prince wants it too.

My comments :  The psycho Sauds want nuclear weapons??  May their camels guide them on the quickest path to water (aka shariah).

These people are ruthless.
He can lock up his own mother.
Maybe his mother would have locked him up.
Wait and see what they will do to the Palestinians. 

And you call these people your friends?
Your role models? 

This story is also reported in the Indonesian Kompas  :

Kerja Bodoh Arab Saudi - Saudi Peace Feelers To Houthis

Saudi and Houthi secret talks to end 3 year-old war 

Houthi direct communication with Saudis in Oman 
on comprehensive solution to conflict

consultations between Houthis and Saudis
without rep of Hadi govt
desire of Saudis for comprehensive agreement

Houthi officials did not comment

Houthis seized capital, Sanaa
drove govt of Hadi into Saudi exile

accord would begin with truce to pause fighting 
culminate in signing of peace deal 

Thousands of Saudi air strikes killed Yemeni civilians
Houthi rocket attacks on Saudi 
Saudi made modest territorial gains 
far from seizing capital from seasoned Houthis

no victory in sight Saudi express desire to wrap up conflict

Saudi-Houthi dialogue going on for two months 

arrival of new U.N. envoy to Yemen, former British diplomat Martin Griffiths

not clear how much progress achieved

talks bypassed Yemen’s Riyadh-based govt
whose restoration justifed Saudi intervention
deep Yemeni squabbles hobbled Saudis 

My comments :  Too often when there are conflict zones and the UN appoints an envoy, that envoy is British.  This time the British are the satans behind the Saudis. And the Brits become the UN envoy to Yemen during the conflict.

During the Balkans War (Bosnia) the chief of the UN troops also included a British guy. The British always have their finger at the right spot in every hot spot.

The British MI6 was strongly involved in the recent demonsrations in Iran - not that I am complaining for the psycho ayatollahs. Just that there is more than one satan stalking the woods.

Anyway here is another video.  The US Congress is going to vote on US military assistance to Yemen soon (next week?)  If they vote against continued US involvement, then the US must stop military aid.  Saudi Arabia's war on Yemen will come to an immediate end.

That is why the Saudis are worried sick. They are crapping their robes right now. And the Houthis know this as well.

The Houthis are gaining the upper hand.