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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Part 1 : Why They Enter And Then Leave Islam

First please watch this :

If the video does not appear, here is the link :

This is an interesting video indeed. The first thing you will notice is that the speaker does not provide his name. But his face is there and there are many other videos like this one by the same speaker. This is very sad because the speaker is obviously afraid that some religious nuts may hunt him down and harm him. This is how the world perceives the Muslims nowadays - violent, dangerous and uncontrollable.

Anyway the story goes that this person converted to "Islam" - he became a "Muslim" some years ago. True to the nature of the white people, when they embrace something new, they go all out to learn all they can about their new religion. So the speaker here travelled to Saudi Arabia and lived there for about four years, learning to speak Arabic and studying Salafi Islam.

But the more he read and understood about Salafi Islam, he became more disillusioned. He came to see Salafi Islam as a rather barbaric "religion" and he finally decided to leave Islam altogether. 

The information I get is that this speaker has since become a freethinker - not believing in any religion.

After he left Islam, he also decided to make these videos to explain why he left Islam and what he really thinks about Islam now.

This is a very powerful video. He uses the Quranic method of "haatu burhanukum in kuntum sadikeen" which means "bring your proofs if you are indeed truthful". 

He quotes from various books which are accepted as authentic by Salafi Islam and other Muslims, including the Quran of course.

Now to all you Muslims reading this, you must be able to answer these types of videos.  

I want to show off a bit. I can answer this video in about five minutes. (Typing on the keyboards may take a bit longer). I can answer these videos because I read and try to understand the Quran.  If you read and uphold the Quran then you too will be able to answer all these videos.

This is not the only video. There are hundreds if not thousands of videos like this on You Tube. If you search you will  also find tons of such similar material. 

So how are the Muslims reacting to these types of detailed scrutiny and questioning by an increasingly well informed army of observers? These are real and valid questions, backed up with references and proofs. How are you going to answer these questions?

If you do not read, understand and uphold the Quran, then you may choose to answer videos like these in one of two methods.

Here is method No 1 :

And here is method No 2.

There is a 3rd method. The Quranic method. I will have to come back shortly with Part 2. This week is suddenly too busy.

Cont.  part 2 ..

Nazri To Buy Proton Iriz And Become Uber Driver, No "High Income Nation" In Tourism Malaysia, Fully Shuts Down, "Falling Ringgit Good For Malaysia" said Woody Wood Brain

Last nite I accidentally (yes accidentally) switched on TV1. There was a guy from Fama talking (I think he was the Director of Fama). The guy was talking total rubbish. And he had air liur (sticky saliva) sticking all over his mouth as he was talking on TV. Gross betul.

Folks they are going to screw up the harvesting, supply and distribution of vegetables. The guy was saying the gomen will introduce grades for vegetables. Grade A, B, C etc.  Then the prices of vegetables must reflect their new grading system. And then the supply chain must follow their new grading system. He did not say how they will determine grade A kangkung, grade B sawi or grade C taugeh?

I foresee absolute, total disaster. If the market wants to develop its own grades, let the market do so. Some places already have different pricing for fish of different grades.  The market knows what to do. 

The market has its own regulation. It is called "if the vegetables are not fresh, the people will not buy them".

Clueless people running the government. The people will suffer more and more.

Anyway, here is more news from the clueless.  

Recall the super woodbrain saying that the falling Ringgit was good for Malaysia? 

Well here is Berita Harian quoting super woodbrain saying that all Tourism Malaysia offices are shutting down dengan serta merta:

  • Kementerian Pelancongan tutup semua pejabat Tourism Malaysia serta-merta
  • bagi mengelak pertindihan kerja yang dijalankan di UPEN masing-masing
  • Nazri kata setiap negeri ada pejabat pelancongan masing-masing
  • katanya kementerian akan wujudkan pusat penerangan ikut wilayah 
  • Pulau Pinang, Terengganu, Johor, Kuching dan KK serta-merta
  • Kita "berasakan" lebih baik Tourism Malaysia ditutup tanpa membuang pekerja 
  • "kita menjimatkan kos sehingga RM6 juta setahun," katanya
  • Selanjutnya di :

My comments : Woi kawan, there is no Malay word "berasakan". Its 'merasakan' ok.  I checked with Dewan Bahasa and they say 'pastikan dieja dengan betul'. 

If Tourism Malaysia "bertindih" with UPEN masing-masing then why did you set up Tourism Malaysia in the first place?  Lojik tak ada lah brader.

Cakaplah terus terang brader, gomen tak ada duit. 

What about the annual  RM300 juta, RM600 juta atau entah berapa ratus juta budget for advertising and promotion in Europe, Asia, America, Africa, South Pole and North Pole yang diagih-agih kepada syarikat "tertentu" ? Itu mesti jalan lagi kan ?

The guy also says all the staff will be retained. 
Ok. But doing what? 
Office sudah tutup. Kerja sudah tak ada. 
Habis staff nak buat kerja apa? 

Absorbed by other departments ? Bertindih lagi. 

Someone once advised me - dont talk about this guy. He is too dumb.

Folks, it is obvious. The gomen is shutting down. The previous post showed Gauth Jasmon former VC of UM saying that UM will go bankrupt in three to five years. I hear talk that the gomen has budgeted for salaries for IPTAs (Budget 2017) until August this year only.  So far there is no allocation for salaries at the IPTAs after August 2017. 

The professors and lecturers at our IPTAs better start reading up on becoming Uber taxi drivers.  First sign up for BR1M, then use the BR1M money as deposit for a Proton Iriz (according to the KSU of the MOF. KSU MOF yang cakap, bukan saya cakap ok. Jangan marah saya.)

Now Tourism Malaysia is shutting down serta merta. They must have contract staff, suppliers, cleaners, transport operators, etc. All those people will be out of work as well.  

Do you all recall the Khazanah Super Morons with their ETP, GTP, high income nation etc.  And they were supposed to be the clever guys. The Cabinet Ministers are just wood brains - the whole lot of them. Do you recall a guy called Hassan Malek ? He said if chicken is too expensive, dont eat chicken !

It was just a sham. They were lying, pulling the wool over our eyes (well not mine) about ETP, GTP, high income nation while the nation was being stripped clean.  

They have no clue or idea what to do even about managing an existing economy.  Now they are even contemplating screwing up existing systems that have been functioning perfectly for a hundred years (I am referring to the supply and distribution of vegetables). 

These morons who do not understand anything about anything, especially about business and economics, want to mess with business and economics !!
So can we expect them to know anything about how to turn the economy around ?

Vice Chancellor IPTA : Hello Uber? 

Uber : Yes hello. This is Uber.

VC : I have paid my deposit for Proton Iriz. When can you pay me my new gaji?

Uber : Hello. I think you have the wrong number. 

VC : I am the VC of University Kangkung lah ! I want to be an Uber driver.

Uber : Oh ok. Just follow the instructions on our Website.

VC :  I am the VC. Do you have special grade allowances for VCs?

Uber : What is a VC? 

VC : Vice Chancellor lah. You didnt go to school ah?

Uber : I think you have the wrong number.