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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday Lite

Will be busy over the weekend folks. Happy long weekend. 

Another Indian Blueprint : Subra And Kamal Endangered Species ?

Today Sunday will see the launch of yet another Indian blueprint. Of course because it is an Indian blueprint, the MIC will be present and MIC Boss Subra will make a speech.

Here is the logo of the newest Indian blueprint.

Notice the rainbow colours on the 'd' ?  Adds plenty of colour.  

Here is another logo with the same rainbow :

The rainbow colours are on the 'D' again.

SEDIC is a unit in the JPM that has been given huge budgets to run the Indian program. Folks with links inside say that SEDIC prepared this latest Indian blueprint. The MIC was not involved in the process other than giving their ok.

N'theless Subra will be given the honour of saying a few words.

Folks say the guys behind the blueprint have their own ambitions.

He who controls the cash shall be king.