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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Armed Forces Chief General Zulkifeli Mohd Zin Rushes To Myanmar To Apologise And Mend Relations

This is from the Myanmar Times :


YANGON: M'sian army chief Gen Zul Mat Zin met Myanmar president and commander-in-chief yesterday.

Myanmar Times : meeting to smoothen Myanmar-Malaysia ties following harsh criticism of Myanmar by Najib Razak at rally in KL on Sunday.
Aung Hlaing told Zulkifeli that no human rights violations against Rohingya.

Myanmar could not lie about this given local and international media focus

president’s office blamed diplomatic tensions on “false news” 

Myanmar working to resolve issues in Rakhine in accordance with laws, human rights

At rally on Sunday, Najib lambasted Myanmar for mistreatment of Rohingya

first time Asean leader criticised another Asean nation over internal matters

Myanmar Times quoted Najib’s actions, consequences on relations between nations

Najib’s action an attempt to gain votes from Malaysian Muslim community. 

Advisor to president said Najib’s action to divert public attention away from corruption

He said such “inteference” was not good for Asean unity.

Myanmar Times reported a group of Muslim organisations in Myanmar had released open letter to M'sian government expressing their disapproval of Putrajaya’s response.

letter delivered to Malaysian Embassy, said Najib’s actions do more harm than good for Muslims in Myanmar.

My comments :   Who cares? UMNO must get the Malay vote first.