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Monday, January 22, 2018

I say Rosie, please tell the Batu Caves Temple to close on Jan 31st. Its very, very bad luck for you ! Very bad chi chi.

'chi chi'  is plural of chi energy (my son's terminology when he was much younger)

On January 31st 2018, there will be an eclipse of the moon (?? because the earth will come between the moon and the sun). This will also be a super blue moon and a blood moon - so three in one. This event only happens like once every 150 years or something.  There is some wonderful yet simple science about this, do read on.

Hindu temples all over the world close during any eclipse. January 31st will be  no exception. Well except for just one temple - the MIC controlled Batu Caves Temple in Kuala Lumpur.

Hindu cosmologists say that during the eclipse 'bad radiation' is emitted (from the moon??) which is harmful to humans. This is their belief.    

This year, January 31st coincides with Thaipusam and the Batu Caves Temple has announced that they will be the only Hindu Temple in the world that will remain open. 

Wow !! 

All other temples will be closed, including the famous Waterfall Road Temple in Penang.  Here is some news :

KL : All Hindu temples must be closed for duration of lunar eclipse on Thaipusam Day, Jan 31, Malaysia Hindu Sangam reiterated today.

MHS, 20 other Hindu NGOs concurred all temples must be closed during that period.

  • according to our religion eclipse has negative energy, negative impact. 
  • we are prohibited from conducting any form of prayer, ritual during that time 
  • practised for hundreds of years

Balathandayuthapani Temple in Penang, Sri Subramaniya Swami Devasthanam (Temple) in Sungai Petani, Kedah, two important locations for Thaipusam, temples in Singapore, India also close during lunar eclipse.

However ceremonies at Batu Caves on Thaipusam would proceed during eclipse 
raised controversy among Hindu community.

Why is the Batu Caves Temple 'committee' insisting that they remain open? 
This is what the really slow and dunggu local media never ask and write about. 

I think it is because of money.   Thaipusam is big business for the shops and stalls that will be selling religious items, T shirts, food, drinks etc. It is most likely that the Batu Caves temple committee has already made its money from selling slots for traders to open their stalls and shops.  And the 'slots' would also have been 'transacted' to secondary buyers (traders). Much money must have changed hands.  

So they cannot shut down the temple (and Thaipusam) for the eclipse. People have paid money (or received money - as the case may be) for trading slots. 

Now here is some science about that blood moon, super blue moon and eclipse that will take place on Jan 31st.  

The event on Jan 31st combines three phenomena at the same time - a once in 150 year occurence.

A blood moon, a super blue moon and a total lunar eclipse.

There will be a massive moon -  a supermoon in the sky. The moon will be 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual.

A supermoon occurs when the moon is at its closest approach to the earth or the PERIGREE (because the moon's orbit around the earth is an ellipse - oval shaped). 

The second part of the rare event is the Blue Moon. Its called the Blue Moon because it is the second full moon of this month, nothing to do with the actual color of the moon.

Then the  blue moon will coincide with a total lunar eclipse. This total lunar eclispe is also called the Blood Moon. It occurs when the Earth sits between the Sun and the moon.

Why is it called the Blood Moon? The sun's light passes through the Earth's atmosphere where most of the blue light is filtered away. Only the red light from the Sun's spectrum passes through the atmosphere and falls on the moon, giving the moon a "blood red" appearance.

"Blood red moon" -  alamak Rosie, this is very bad luck lah !!

These three events will coincide on January 31 in one amazing celestial sight. 
The last time this event happened was 150 years ago in 1868.  

We are facing our 14th General Elections this year - the year of the Blood Red Moon, the Super Moon and a lunar eclipse - all three in one.   

The BN is going to get kicked out.  
There will be absolutely NO troubles. 
Dont worry folks.  
We will just kick out the crooks. 
Have faith in ourselves ok. 

The good and the righteous always come out winners.

Long ago in Penang my friends and I used to go watch  the Thaipusam fun at Waterfall Road. It was really loud, full of colour, music and sounds.  All Malaysians should really go and watch the fun. It should make you a more "wordly" person.

The Super Moon is good for fishing, plus super high tides. 
So coastal folks beware.
The Blood Red moon will be an awesome sight.
The lunar eclipse will also be awesome.
These are natural phenomena. 
Take pictures folks. 

The Anti BN Tsunami Is Here And How The BN Can Survive It.

I hope you can see this video. I dont have a link. MO1 is being totally embarrassed by the people. He is asking the people of Sabah who they will support and they are shouting Mahathir, Mahathir, Mahathir so many times.

I believe this is an old video (which went viral again yesterday), which makes it even more relevant because things have only gotten worse for MOI since this video was taken. The support for him is even much less. 

The tsunami is here already.  The longer they wait, the worse it is going to get.

If the BN wants any chance of winning at least something, they have to do some drastic things.

1. Announce that MOI is retiring from politics. End of story. He flies off to Botswana where the hippos live.

2. Announce the immediate abolishment and shutting down of JAKIM. They are really becoming too stupid. They want to determine the gender of some transister person. And they say they need a month to do it. The transister has asked (most astutely) if there is nothing more important for JAKIM to do in this country? 

3. Announce the abolishment of all tolls - on the North South Hiway, the tolls in the Klang Valley and Selangor, KLIA, Kajang, Penang Bridge etc.

4. Remove all import duties, any sort of taxes, any sort of levies or charges for the import of motor vehicles. You are already collecting 6% GST, that should be enough. This should see an instant and immediate drop in the prices of motor vehicles by 50% or more.  There is no logic why Malaysians should pay two, three or four times world market prices for cars and motor vehicles. Why not just pay what the rest of the world is paying ? 

5. Almost forgot - abolish the GST.  Worst case reduce it immediately to 3%.

This may help BN win some seats. 
But I really cant say. 
The people are beyond fed up. 
Maybe all this will be too late.




Sunday, January 21, 2018


armed forces in Yemeni capital Sana’a boost air defenses 
no longer fear airstrikes by Saudis, army  said

army can repel “enemy aggression” at sea, ground, air
army has captured arms, night-vision cameras, missiles, launchers

Yemeni army taken over enemy strongholds, changes battlefield
attack on Saudi’s Al-Dabaa military base in Najran 
shot down Saudi Tornado, F-16 planes, General warned

in next few days, Sana’a would “greatly surprise” Saudi forces

Saudi bombing Yemen since March 2015 
Saudi giving distorted picture 
trumpeting imaginary victories
if victories real, global media would report them

My comments : The Saudis have called for an emergency meeting of the OIC today (Sunday). Our Defense Minister Hisham Onn is attending. 

'Hishammuddin to attend emergency OIC meeting in Jeddah'

What is the great emergency all about? 

Well the Saudis are losing the war in Yemen. Yemen now has powerful surface to air missiles (SAMs) that have shot down Saudi Tornados and F15 jet fighters.

Now the Saudis have no choice but to reduce their airstrikes or drop bombs from 60,000 feet (11 miles) up in the sky (above the range of some SAMs). There will be even more collateral damage because they will be bombing almost blind.

So they are calling the OIC for support. They will cry fake crocodile tears and say the Houthis are targeting the Kaaba in Mecca and the Masjid Nabawi in Madina. Obviously these are lies.

The Houthis fired ballistic missiles at the Yamama Palace and the International Airport in Riyadh. Both missiles reached their targets. Day before yesterday the Houthis fired another ballistic missile that hit a Saudi army base in Najran. 

If the Houthis fire ballistic missiles at Saudi oil production platforms which are all located in the east, much nearer than Riyadh, Jeddah or Madina it can create real chaos for the Saudis. Plus sending oil prices to the sky. And derailing the listing of the ARAMCO oil company. 

The Saudis are in a very tight spot. 
They started this aggression. 
Now they do not know how to get out.

The solution is very simple. The Saudis must pay reparations and damages for all the destruction they have caused. Plus pay damages for the 14,000 Yemenis they have killed so far and the millions who are suffering from hunger and disease. This could run into a few tens of billions of US Dollars.

Here are some notes for Hishamuddin our Defense Minister. Now is the time to get some permanent concessions from the Saudis.

1. Ask the Saudis to increase the pilgrimage quota for Malaysia to 1,000,000. And keep it there. That should last us for a few decades. 

You must know how to bargain bro. 
Takkan dia panggil saja kita lari pi sana macam dungu salam. 
Kalau dia minta bantuan, minta dia naikkan kuota haji dulu.

2. Then ask the Saudis for money.  Talk is Hisham wants to ask the Saudis to give Malaysia their old jet fighters. Alamak !! Dont do that bro. Semua sudah rosak. It will cost us more to repair those old Saudi planes to make them airworthy again. And our pilots will get killed flying 2nd hand Saudi planes. Just ask the Saudis for money. Say US$5 billion? Dont give it to your cousin ok. The bugger is a thief.

3.  Tell them to stop funding all their Salafi terrorist madrasahs inside Malaysia. Like that one in Kampong Kayu something near that Damansara toll gate. Also that Salafi Mer _ _   Mission or something in Malaysia. And shut down that pro ISIS university in Shah Alam.

You must know how to bargain bro. Takkan dia panggil saja kita lari pi sana macam dungu salam. Kalau dia minta bantuan, kita mesti tahu quid pro quo. Its quid, not squid (bukan sotong goreng ok).